NEXCAP® offering:

The ambition of the NEXCAP® IOT solution is to connect field operations to industrial management instances, taking full account of the demands expressed by our customers.

NEXCAP® IOT is the benchmark in traceability and the heart of the entire NEXCAP® ecosystem.


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Connect: its low-level components are agnostic in terms of the connected object model, data collection technology, and connectivity modes. The platform allows the simple addition of new protocols and new types of objects, as required by the market and our partners.
The platform natively connects all NEXESS solutions.

Build: the platform includes development tools enabling functional extensions and a customization component. Whether used on a primary or supplementary basis by operational teams, the platform is rich in functionality and ideal for developing new IoT business applications.

Analyze:  NEXCAP® harnesses powerful algorithms and mechanisms to correlate and enhance the data collected (rules, event management). Once compiled, the information is disseminated both in the field in the form of alerts (anomaly detection, notifications) and to decision-making instances (statistics).

Experience: the platform includes ergonomic interfaces, ensuring that the relevant information is easily accessible via dashboards and mapping. Available on the move, NEXCAP apps help manufacturers make everyday decisions.

Collaborate: by providing new data, NEXCAP highlights new synergies and sources of optimization within organizations.

Description des modules de NEXCAP®:

Things management, pour connecter facilement tous les objets :

  • Services d’enregistrement
  • Services de mise à jour
  • Gestion des autorisations
  • Service de monitoring
  • Gestion native de tous les périphériques Nexess (XL, XD, NexcapMat, etc)
Data Share :
  • API REST reference : Web services REST
  • Service de notifications et d’alertes
  • Module de rupture de protocole et format de transformation
  • Adaptateurs REST vers : SOAP, JMS, MQTT, COAP
  • Services d’import / export CSV
Core Platform :
  • API REST reference : Web services REST
  • Mobile SDK : outils de synchronisation et proxy
  • Mobile SDK : pour développement mobile “offline”, (power edge computing)
  • Middleware SDK : extensions, pour enrichir la plateforme

Interface WEB

  • Tableaux de bord
  • Cartographie
  • Fiche de traçabilité unique
  • Rapports temps réel et historique : inventaires, contrôles, activités
  • Administration : objets, localisations, droits d’accès, utilisateurs, profiles, ordres de travail
  • Export

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