NEXCAP® offering:

The NEXCAP® MAT mobile solution, consisting of a tablet, a NEXESS application and a mobile RFID (radio-frequency identification) reader, ensures the security and traceability of all types of industrial equipment, regardless of its on-site position or size. Each operation is tracked semi-automatically thanks to the functionalities of the on-board application: consultation, inventory, movement, regulatory controls, physical search.

These functionalities provide complete traceability and an accurate inventory of the equipment.

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  • Operation: Connected (On-premises client server or SAAS cloud server)
  • Alerts: Software (Screen)
  • Server connection: Ethernet / Wi-Fi / 5G (optional)
  • Specifications: Standard tablet with hard shell (12.3’’) or rugged industrial tablet (10.1’’), TSL 1166 portable UHF RFID reader with adjustable power, Optical reader (optional RFID reader)
  • Compliance: CE and FCC
  • Docking station for Tablets and RFID readers
  • Hard shell, stylus, shoulder strap, hand strap for tablets
  • 5G (tablet option)
  • Optical reader (mobile RFID reader option)
  • Tool management
  • Container management
  • Fire equipment management
  • Spare parts management
  • Safety: management and monitoring of regulatory controls
  • Productivity: facilitate daily tasks by substantially reducing manual input procedures and digitizing paper documents
  • Automation: real-time automated updating of inventories
  • Location: Real-time location of equipment and awareness of its lifespan
  • Ergonomics: a simple and intuitive application designed for industrial use

Description des modules de NEXCAP®:

Things management, pour connecter facilement tous les objets :

  • Services d’enregistrement
  • Services de mise à jour
  • Gestion des autorisations
  • Service de monitoring
  • Gestion native de tous les périphériques Nexess (XL, XD, NexcapMat, etc)
Data Share :
  • API REST reference : Web services REST
  • Service de notifications et d’alertes
  • Module de rupture de protocole et format de transformation
  • Adaptateurs REST vers : SOAP, JMS, MQTT, COAP
  • Services d’import / export CSV
Core Platform :
  • API REST reference : Web services REST
  • Mobile SDK : outils de synchronisation et proxy
  • Mobile SDK : pour développement mobile “offline”, (power edge computing)
  • Middleware SDK : extensions, pour enrichir la plateforme

Interface WEB

  • Tableaux de bord
  • Cartographie
  • Fiche de traçabilité unique
  • Rapports temps réel et historique : inventaires, contrôles, activités
  • Administration : objets, localisations, droits d’accès, utilisateurs, profiles, ordres de travail
  • Export

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