NEXCAP® offering:

The XL self-inventorying smart cabinet ensures the detection and traceability of all types of industrial equipment, from hand tools requiring calibration to the smallest tool. This IoT solution, also known as second-generation UHF RFID smart cabinet, is based on high-performance RFID technology. The XL Cabinet provides a precise and accurate inventory of your tools. Each operation is tracked via an automated real-time inventory, providing 100% traceability for up to 400 RFID tools*.

The XL smart cabinet brings tool tracking into a new era, providing accurate and effective tracking of all tool movements. Once identified by their RFID badge, the user can easily access the cabinet to borrow or return one or more tools. When the doors are locked, an automated content inventory is conducted. Every tool movement is tracked and time-stamped (Who, What, When, Where). Our connected solutions effectively combat the risks associated with tool loss (FOD/EMF).

*Subject to compliance with RFID tagging and layout processes, according to tool size


Managing tools is a major challenge in Aeronautics, from their inventory to the risks associated with FOD (Foreign Object Damage) or FME (Foreign Material Exclusion).
Each year, tools left behind or lost during assembly or maintenance activities account for 30% of civil incidents and constitute a significant breach of safety. Poorly organized tool tracking can lead to a significant loss of productivity; activities such as borrowing and returning tools, or monitoring maintenance and calibration dates, are time-consuming and costly.

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  • Operation: Standalone/Connected (remote server)
  • Alerts: Audible/Visual (red and green LEDs)
  • Server connection: Ethernet/Wi-Fi (optional)
  • Detection capacity: Up to 400* RFID-tagged items
  • Autonomy (off mains): Depending on usage
  • External Features: Access control by RFID HF badge reader (and/or PIN code), Front USB socket, 15″ industrial touchscreen, 0.5m² glass surface, Manual door unlocking in the event of a power failure, Interior lighting, 1D/2D optical reader (optional)
  • Smart foam (optional): To ensure detection of small metal tools that cannot be RFID-tagged (up to 80 tools per smart foam and 1 smart foam per cupboard)
  • Interior fittings: 3-sided tool base, fixed, inclined, and sliding shelves, LED interior lighting, 4 interior power outlets (110-220V), storage foam and hooks (optional)
  • Software: NEXCAP® Embedded (cabinet), NEXCAP® Web Client (remote station)
  • Compliance: CE and FCC
  • Voltage/Current: CE: 220V-240VAC / Current: 10A – OC (USA-Canada): 115VAC / Current: 15A*Subject to compliance with RFID marking and layout processes, depending on the tool’s size
  • 1D/2D barcode reader
  • Additional shelves
  • Foam storage
  • Hooks
  • RFID reader for associating RFID-tagged materials in a database
  • Hand tool management: Wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, etc.
  • Management of specific portable tools: Riveting machines, pneumatic guns, riveting pliers, ADUs, etc.
  • Management of tools requiring maintenance or calibration: Torque wrenches, etc.
  • Management of safety equipment: Goggles, masks, gloves, PPE, SCBA, etc.
  • Management of electronic devices: Measuring devices, tablets, laptops, walkie-talkies, etc.


  • Quality: Automated tool management (inventory, calibration, maintenance)
  • Productivity: Reduced tool search time (-30%)
  • Regulatory: Secure access to tools (traceability of loans)
  • Safety: Reduced risk of tool loss (FOD/FME)
  • Intelligent access control: The XL Cabinet enables access to its contents only for authorized individuals equipped with an RFID badge. Once identified by their RFID badge, users can conveniently borrow or return one or more tools from the cabinet. An advanced locking system prevents manual door opening. PIN code access (as a complement or replacement for the badge) is also available.
  • Accurate and automatic inventory of cabinet contents: Once the doors are locked, an automatic inventory of the contents is carried out within 10 seconds. Every tool movement is traced and time-stamped (Who, What, When, Where) to effectively address the risks associated with tool loss (FOD/FME). Thanks to RFID technology, you can have an accurate and real-time view of your tool inventory, whether it’s accessed locally or remotely.
  • Automatic tracking of calibration and maintenance dates: In the event of an abnormal event, the XL Cabinet automatically sends alerts to the user interface and the supervision station. This ensures that users can keep track of their tools’ calibration and maintenance dates automatically.
  • Remote supervision: The XL Cabinet offers precise monitoring of tool movements such as borrowing, returning, frequency of use, and departure for maintenance. This monitoring is available in the form of activity reports that can be accessed remotely through NEXCAP® IOT.

Description des modules de NEXCAP®:

Things management, pour connecter facilement tous les objets :

  • Services d’enregistrement
  • Services de mise à jour
  • Gestion des autorisations
  • Service de monitoring
  • Gestion native de tous les périphériques Nexess (XL, XD, NexcapMat, etc)
Data Share :
  • API REST reference : Web services REST
  • Service de notifications et d’alertes
  • Module de rupture de protocole et format de transformation
  • Adaptateurs REST vers : SOAP, JMS, MQTT, COAP
  • Services d’import / export CSV
Core Platform :
  • API REST reference : Web services REST
  • Mobile SDK : outils de synchronisation et proxy
  • Mobile SDK : pour développement mobile “offline”, (power edge computing)
  • Middleware SDK : extensions, pour enrichir la plateforme

Interface WEB

  • Tableaux de bord
  • Cartographie
  • Fiche de traçabilité unique
  • Rapports temps réel et historique : inventaires, contrôles, activités
  • Administration : objets, localisations, droits d’accès, utilisateurs, profiles, ordres de travail
  • Export

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