Consulting et Support

Expertise – Auditing – Advice

  • Needs analysis by an experienced business engineering team
    • Auditing of use of your production/maintenance equipment/tools
    • Advice and solutions for optimization of your equipment fleet, while also ensuring security and traceability
  • Support in assessing the ROI of the solutions proposed

Installation and Integration

Deployment of Solutions

  • Deployment supervised by a Project Manager from receipt of order through validation on customer site
  • Integration of our NEXCAP® software into the customer’s Information System environment
  • Hardware/software development by our R&D team (if specifically requested)
  • Preparation & installation of solutions on customer site
  • Product, RFID & maintenance training
  • RFID tagging of your equipment and layout for cabinets/roller cabinets (optional)

Support and Maintenance

After-sale follow-up

  • Online ticketing platform available, with help/training content
  • Software maintenance included in NEXCAP® license
  • Physical hardware maintenance (available on request)
  1. Expression of customer need
  2. Pre-sale technical study
  3. Creation of a technical and commercial offer tailored to the need
  4. Receipt of customer order
  5. Project launch meeting to confirm order content and prepare next steps with stakeholders on the Customer and NEXESS sides (project managers, intervention technicians, IS, quality, business line, etc.):
    • Explanation of content of customer prerequisites: preparation of equipment to be tracked by RFID, pre-layout, preparation of database to be imported (items and associated history file, users, rights, etc.), IS infrastructure, product reception, preparation and installation space, access to site
    • Procurement of equipment and/or launch of manufacturing order, with configuration chosen by NEXESS
    • Deployment preparation monitoring meetings: schedule, configuration, import files, IS infrastructure, prerequisite progress
    • Validation of customer prerequisites by NEXESS
    • Organization of on-site deployment with customer
  1. Deployment on site:
  • RFID tagging of equipment and, depending on project, RFID layout of XL smart cabinets and XD/XDS Roller Cabinets
  • Support for installation of the NEXCAP® software suite on customer network (On Premises) OR prior installation if solution hosted by NEXESS on cloud (SaaS)
  • Import of customer data previously validated in correct format with NEXESS Hardware, users, rights, etc.
  • Configuration of the web client according to customer specifications in the preliminary project, according to the chosen option (display, alerts, notifications, dashboard, etc.)
  • Connection, initial configuration and installation of products in the final zone (according to access)
  • Training in products, RFID autonomy and/or maintenance (according to the option chosen)
  • Validation of acceptance with the customer
  • Solution enters production
  1. Regular follow-up and customer feedback (questions, unlocking of new functionalities, project expansion, connection to business software, etc.)