NEXCAP® offering:

Drawing on feedback from our customers, we have worked on the RFID Counter (v2) since 2015, in order to offer a new version fully in line with the needs of storekeepers in the industrial field:

  • More flexible: a mobile RFID (radio-frequency identification) reader with adjustable power to facilitate table-top reading (or placed on the ground for bulky tools)
  • Less bulky: required space reduced by over 70%
  • More economical: cost reduced by over 50%

The second-generation RFID smart counter is ideal for managing equipment in storage facilities, as well as for monitoring maintenance and calibration. Based on UHF RFID technology, the RFID counter ensures an accurate and fast inventory of your equipment.
This connected solution ensures security and traceability. Each operation is tracked semi-automatically in real time thanks to the functionalities of the on-board application: consultation, inventory, movement, regulatory controls, physical search. This inventory is connected to the IS (Information System), and can therefore be viewed remotely.


Managing equipment in storage facilities (tools, measuring devices, consumables, etc.) is a major challenge in the industrial field, from inventory to issuance monitoring. Poorly organized management of this equipment can lead to significant productivity loss, as well as having impacts in terms of safety: borrowing/return times, issuing of equipment outside validity periods, monitoring of stock and calibration dates, etc.

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  • Operation: Connected (on-premises client-server or cloud SaaS server)
  • Alerts: Software (Screen)
  • Server Connection: Ethernet / Wifi
  • Features: All-in-one industrial PC with an integrated 21.5″ touchscreen, TSL 1166 portable UHF RFID reader with adjustable power, optical reader (barcode/QR code “intervention orders” reading), HF RFID badge reader access control, and front USB port.
  • Compliance: CE et FCC
  • 1D/2D optical reader
  • Inverter
  • Management of specific portable tools: Torque wrenches, riveting machines, pneumatic guns, riveting pliers, etc.
  • Management of tools subject to maintenance or calibration
  • Management of metrology equipment: Xray meters, sources, PPE, etc.
  • Management of consumables
  • Quality: Automated tool management (inventory, calibration, maintenance)
  • Productivity: reduction in time spent borrowing/returning equipment
  • Regulatory: Who/What/When/Work order traceability
  • Safety: Automatic alerts for out-of-service or out-of-date equipment

Description des modules de NEXCAP®:

Things management, pour connecter facilement tous les objets :

  • Services d’enregistrement
  • Services de mise à jour
  • Gestion des autorisations
  • Service de monitoring
  • Gestion native de tous les périphériques Nexess (XL, XD, NexcapMat, etc)
Data Share :
  • API REST reference : Web services REST
  • Service de notifications et d’alertes
  • Module de rupture de protocole et format de transformation
  • Adaptateurs REST vers : SOAP, JMS, MQTT, COAP
  • Services d’import / export CSV
Core Platform :
  • API REST reference : Web services REST
  • Mobile SDK : outils de synchronisation et proxy
  • Mobile SDK : pour développement mobile “offline”, (power edge computing)
  • Middleware SDK : extensions, pour enrichir la plateforme

Interface WEB

  • Tableaux de bord
  • Cartographie
  • Fiche de traçabilité unique
  • Rapports temps réel et historique : inventaires, contrôles, activités
  • Administration : objets, localisations, droits d’accès, utilisateurs, profiles, ordres de travail
  • Export

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