Founded in 2007, NEXESS has its head office and R&D laboratory at the heart of Sophia-Antipolis technology park, on the French Riviera. Our company implements traceability and identification solutions using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology in the Aeronautics, Space, Microelectronics, Defense, Energy, and Transport sectors, with over 2,000 solutions already deployed.

Our teams have an in-depth understanding of our customers’ businesses, particularly when it comes to the management of connected objects and their specific demands (periodic controls, monitoring and traceability regulations, etc.). We implement enterprise IoT solutions for Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Operations and Maintenance. These different solutions respond to the problems and challenges faced by manufacturers seeking an IoT industry solution to increase their performance in terms of productivity, quality, and safety, in a sustainable, long-term manner.

Thanks to the Internet of Things, our company can offer industry support in Smart Manufacturing. By connecting the physical environment of the factory using RFID technology, our IoT solutions provide full, real-time visibility over logistics, production, and maintenance processes.

Join the biggest industrial names by securing your assets with our RFID offering.

Who are we?

NEXESS was founded on the desire to improve existing processes using the Internet of Things (IoT), where traditional solutions show their limitations.

NEXESS is a pioneer in the use of IoT in the industrial field, and paved the way for IoT as early as 2007, with the launch of its connected solutions for the nuclear industry.
Since it was founded in 2007, NEXESS has developed and marketed complete IoT industry solutions enabling manufacturers to improve their productivity across their entire value chain, thanks to real-time communication between objects, people and processes.

Our IoT technology is geared toward data valorization and the provision of reliable indicators for managing industrial activities. The NEXESS connected ecosystem allows manufacturers to operate with visibility and anticipation.
NEXESS turnkey solutions combine products, software, and services to optimize performance, safety of operating processes and people, and maintenance on industrial sites.

Our mission

Today, IoT has become one of the most important technologies in the history of industry. As a key driver of efficiency and competitiveness, digitalization of businesses is essential. For 15 years, NEXESS has remained faithful to its primary vocation of supporting manufacturers across all sectors in their digital transformation, through its innovative IoT industry solutions. Every day, we continue to innovate and create technologies that push boundaries.

Our vision

In January 2023, NEXESS unveiled a new logo and accompanying corporate tagline, IoT Digital Solutions. This reflects NEXESS’s aspiration for the brand to be a global trustmark in industrial IoT, as well as a driver of growth for a sustainable Industry 4.0.

For 15 years, we have been innovating with unwavering conviction, drawing on all our talents.

Our expertise and technologies serve our customers’ needs!

Our values, our identity, our pride

Our values underpin our performance and longevity.


Personal approach


Continuous Improvement
Customer satisfaction


Entrepreneurial spirit

We continuously strive to work ethically, in order to ensure equality and respect for all our internal and external stakeholders, in a spirit of complete transparency. NEXESS fosters openness and diversity as sources of enrichment and opportunity. We aim to ensure that every one of our actions upholds our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

We offer our employees the means to achieve their full potential by developing their expertise and agility, and by encouraging their entrepreneurial spirit. Our teams are made up of passionate individuals, and we work together to jointly build the NEXESS strategy, regardless of each individual’s seniority or position.
This excellence underpins our success and is reflected in the quality of the products we develop and in our interactions with our customers.

Innovation is deeply embedded in NEXESS’s DNA. Our enthusiasm, our collective ambition, and our high standards motivate us day after day to push our limits and those of technology.

Our values are the foundations on which we draw to achieve our collective ambition: to be the global benchmark for IoT in Industry 4.0. These values are our roadmap, guiding our growth and our innovations, and inspiring trust among all those who work with us. It is these values that drive our continuous efforts to maintain all that makes NEXESS so exceptional today.

The NEXESS adventure

Industry 4.0

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Expert

At NEXESS, we have created a range of RFID products designed for industry: smart cabinets and roller cabinets, smart portals and counters, as well as solutions for mobile devices such as tablets.

What lies behind our expertise?

By combining the hardware and software performance of our products with our unique self-designed traceability process, we can guarantee 100% traceability in our roller cabinets and cabinets.

This process involves two successive phases.

  • First, there is RFID tagging (tag selection, positioning, material, and attachment, followed by performance validation on our RFID test bench).
  • Next comes the RFID layout phase in the smart cabinets or roller cabinets, which consists of positioning in line with best practice, performance validation using our RFID analysis tool Smartlayout, and equipping with pre-cut foam organizers adapted to the tools, or with hooks, trays, or boxes.

We use unique, highly effective technical resources, working in collaboration with a research laboratory that specializes in radio frequencies. We also use dedicated test benches for RFID performance measurement.

Drawing on feedback from industry, we have established a tried and tested methodology. When it comes to tag selection, RFID performance criteria, tool ergonomics, optimal attachment durability, or specific environmental constraints, we know everything there is to know!

Our know-how

NEXESS in figures

  • Since 2007, we have continuously strengthened our experience and expertise
  • Over 2,000 solutions deployed
  • RFID tool tagging: 1,000,000 items of equipment RFID tagged for our customers
  • Active on 3 continents
  • Active in 11 countries
  • Expert in equipment management processes
  • Mastery of constrained environments (explosive conditions, radiation, magnetic fields)