Our offer

A range of RFID industrial products connected to the heart of the “Smart Manufacturing”

Nexess has designed and developed innovative RFID solutions responding to industrial problems and issues concerned to improve their productivity, reduce costs and ensure the level of quality in their Logistics, Production, Maintenance and Operations process.

We allow industries to connect their equipment and physical facilities through RFID technology, so that they have complete and real-time visibility of their processes, by connecting the physical environment of the factory.

Pioneer in connected products for Industry, Nexess offers a wide range of intelligent RFID solutions to automate the tracking of the movement of objects on the field:

  • Smart RFID Cabinets for management, real-time inventory and distribution of equipment (tools, tablets, safety equipment, etc.) closest to the production line / assembly.
  • Smart RFID Counter for the management and semi-automatic distribution of equipment (tools, metrology equipment, safety equipment, etc. . ) at the entrance of central stores / warehouses for example.
  • RFID Applications for connected products for management, control and real-time inventory of materials in the field: containers, fire extinguishers, spare parts, etc.
  • RFID Portals for automatic detection of connected products movements at the exit of a workshop or store.
  • NexCap® software platform to supervise, read, store and manage all information and data traceability of the movements of connected products remotely. Connected to the information system of the company, this platform provides a comprehensive view of datas.