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Smart Cabinet XL-Weigh

Short description

Smart cabinet XL-Weigh offer manufacturers an efficent way to manage the dispensing and replenishment of consumables (screw, rivet, bolt…) by distributing automatically and 24/7 consumable items in one location.

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Smart Cabinet XL-Weigh


  • Volume storage : up to 169 trays
  • 3 tray’s size
  • Visual indicator per shelf and tray
  • 15″ industrial touch screen
  • Badge reader
  • NexCap® software embedded
  • 1D/2D Optical reader (option)

Smart cabinet compatibility

  • Consumable material management :

Screw, rivet, bolt, specific consumable etc.



XL-Weigh system is based on precise weight-sensing technology. This smart cabinet offer manufacturers an efficient way to manage the dispensing and replenishment of consumables. XL-Weigh accurate productivity by allowing authorized employees 24/7 access to their high-volume items in one location.

Various tray sizes and scale dimensions allow to store different type of consumable items

When items are removed from the tray, transactions are automatically recorded based on the amount of weight that was removed. Each transaction and movement are recorded in NexCap® software platform.



  • NexCap® RFID Software Platform

    The NexCap® RFID Software Platform enables full interoperability of each RFID Infrastructure and Mobile devices and provides a complete set of features to help you monitor, manage and track your equipment remotely. Nexcap® is the RFID middleware for Energy and Aerospace industries.