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Smart RFID Cabinet XS

Short description

The Smart RFID Cabinet XS is the first Smart RFID Cabinet of the Nexcap® range allowing an automatic inventory of your tools. Based on a powerful UHF RFID technology, the Smart XS Cabinet Nexcap® ensures a true and real-time inventory of your tools.

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Smart RFID Cabinet XS

Thanks to the RFID technology, Smart RFID Cabinet XS allows complete management of your tools and a precise and effective traceability of movements of your tools.

Identified by a UHF RFID tag each tool is unique and identified by the cabinet.

Intelligent access control

The Smart RFID Cabinet XS allows access to its content only to authorized persons and provided with an RFID badge.

When identified through its RFID badge, the user can easily access the cabinet to borrow or return a tool.

Advanced locking system prevents any manual opening of the cabinet. In case of power failure, a mechanical release allows the user to access the tools.

Accurate and automatic inventory of the contents of the cabinet

Once the Smart RFID Cabinet’s doors are closed, an automatic inventory of the content is made. Each tools movements are traced and stamped (Who, What, When, Where) to fight effectively against the FOD.

Thanks to the RFID technology, the Smart RFID Cabinet XS allows to benefit from a true and accurate view of your tools inventory, locally or remotely, in real time.

In case of network failure, continuous operation is provided to ensure the integrity of your stock.

Automatic follow up of Calibration and Maintenance dates

In case of abnormal event detection the Smart RFID Cabinet XS automatically alerts back to the user interface and to the supervisory position.

The user can easily follow the dates of tools calibration and maintenance.

Remote monitoring

The Smart RFID Cabinet XS ensures an accurate tracking of tools movement (borrowing / return, frequency of use, maintenance, etc.).

This monitoring is available as activity reports remotely accessible via the Nexcap® software platform.

Cabinet’s Characteristics

  • Storage capacity of 150 tools equipped with RFID
  • Hanging tools system (standard configuration) , hooks
  • Industrial touch screen 5,7’’
  • Modular layout (drawers, shelves)

Cabinet’s tools compatibility

  • Management of specific portable tools:

riveters, air guns , riveting pliers , ADU , hand tools, etc.

  • Management of tools subject to maintenance and calibration:

torque wrenches, etc.

  • Management of metrology devices:

radiometers , sources , etc.

  • Others:

laptops, iPads , PDA, tablets , etc.

  • NexCap® RFID Software Platform

    The NexCap® RFID Software Platform enables full interoperability of each RFID Infrastructure and Mobile devices and provides a complete set of features to help you monitor, manage and track your equipment remotely. Nexcap® is the RFID middleware for Energy and Aerospace industries.