NexCap® IoT Platform

NexCap® IoT Platform


NexCap® IoT Platform enables full interoperability of each RFID infrastructure and mobile device of NEXESS range of products. This platform acts like a RFID middleware that provides the interface between the data collected in the field from connected objects, infrastructure / mobile devices and software management company operating data.

Nexcap® IoT Platform includes the following features:

  • Native support of RFID technology: management and communication with readers, etc.
  • Management of connected objects (tags): reading, writing, etc.
  • Data processing: collection, acquisition, data filtering objects connected
  • Business Process Management : software layer adapted to business processes around the connected object
  • Management of interfaces to ERP systems : SOAP, REST , Web services interfaces

Nexcap® IoT platform has been specifically developed to provide a comprehensive set of business software features around traceability, management and geolocation of connected objects for Industry.

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