Online since the 3rd of April 2014, Nexess new website gives importance to connected objects for Industries with RFID technology (

RFID and connected objects : Nexess new website
RFID and connected objects : Nexess new website

Showing his vision of the smart factory of tomorrow, Nexess intends to lead the industry into the era of Smart Manufacturing thanks to its RFID solutions for connected objects, structured and newly presented around four modules :

picto-apps     Apps library

Software applications for mobile devices dedicated to the management of connected objects.

picto-appareil mobile     Mobile devices

RFID mobile devices (PDA) and industrial tablets welcoming our apps.

picto-infrastructure intelligente     RFID smart infrastructures

RFID Cabinets, RFID Counters, RFID Portals for automatic tracking of objects.

picto-plateforme logicielle     RFID software platform

RFID software platform allows a full interoperability of each RFID infrastructure / mobile device and allows to supervise, consult, store and manage remotely all information and data traceability movements of connected objects.

This new website, organized and oriented around connected objects to the Industry, allows you to browse and discover new pages, sections and menus :

Home page : From our home page, access quickly to our offers dedicated to Energy and Aerospace industries or browse according to the object you want to connect and manage.

You can, of course, access to our online store ( and quickly share information or subscribe to our official pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+ via dedicated buttons from the home page or each page of the website.

Media Section : Access in one click to the search and downloading of all our products, videos, case study, white papers and press releases from the home page listings.

Blog Nexess : Regularly we will post notes on news topic around connected objects dedicated Industries, RFID technology or cases of applications and deployment of RFID solutions by Nexess.

Apps library : Discover our software Apps library for the management of connected objects dedicated to Energy and Aerospace Industries : management and traceability of tools, fire extinguishers, spare parts, containers , slings, etc.

New design, new content, everything has been designed to facilitate browsing and searching of information on our website from your smartphone or tablet. The website is of course available in English for our international partners.

Have a good visit !

The Nexess team