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NEXESS opened the first RFID online shop “conceived and designed” for the Industry

Exclusive in France : Nexess opened the first RFID online shop designed for the world of industry.

RFID Online Shop

Sophia Antipolis – 11th of Mars 2013 – Nexess specialist in innovative RFID solutions for security management in industrial plants with severe environmental constraints, announced today, the opening of the first RFID online shop in France for industrial companies : Nexess Online Shop. In addition to meeting the expectations of manufacturers seeking the most relevant products according to their business needs, this site is part of the philosophy of Nexess to democratize RFID technology in this key sector.

Fortified by its RFID expertise in Nuclear, historic area of the company, then in the Seveso and Aeronautics sectors, Nexess develops for over 5 years solutions of tracking and traceability that are based on the best RFID harden and industrial products on the market. This experience in the field brings the company to democratize its RFID skills to a wider industrial panel by launching a RFID online shop entitled “Nexess Online Shop.” This website allows Nexess to offer to its customers and industrials of these sectors a wide panel of products of this technology covering a wide diversity of applications – monitoring of spare parts in the Aerospace, traceability of computer equipment, etc. according to various problems of traceability and tracking via RFID.

“The variety of products to trace with RFID in terms of form, material or size makes the choice of the appropriate RFID tag difficult for a novice user”, said Olivier Rouault, Products Manager at Nexess. “By launching our online shop, we make benefit our customers of our RFID expertise by offering them pre-qualified RFID tags for their specific needs. In this way we facilitate access to RFID industrial products at a largest number of persons”.

Exhaustive, the online shop “Nexess Online Shop” brings together a complete range of HF and UHF RFID tags qualified for industrial applications requiring an excellent performance, reliability and cost. Products of the world’s largest manufacturers of RFID tags will be present : Xerafy specialist of tags for metal assets and harsh environments or Omni ID, leader of universal tags to track the Supplychain. Nexess also offers its range of tags NexSafe® bringing together ATEX certified tags and its tags specifically designed for ionizing environments of nuclear industries.