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RFID: fight efficiently against FME

In harsh environment industries, it is necessary to have a high security that means, the security of people, tools and equipement to prevent any risks of incidents and loss of productivity and quality. Indeed, sometimes tools needed for production or maintenance operations are not available, broken or poorly calibrated, etc. More than one construction site on four is delayed due to problems of FME and tracking that can cause a decrease in productivity by 15% to 30 %.

FME : the pet hate of the Energy industry

The FME or “Foreign Material Exclusion” is the risk of the presence of migrants or foreign bodies in facilities that can cause problems into the structures.

Nuclear power station

To avoid any problems, good prevention and solution can be implemented. It is very important in hazardous sectors such as the energy sector, to know where the equipments are at any time. However, the daily inventory management is done manually. This manual update is usually source of errors and time consuming, do not guarantee the reliability and the accuracy of information.

That is why RFID technology is the solution to fight effectively against the risk of FME and to allow industries to connect their physical facilities and equipment in order to have full visibility in real-time, location and state.

To fight effectively against FME risks, Nexess  has developed a series of solutions for the management and the traçability of material.

  • NexCap Smart RFID Counterallows the storekeeper to manage and record tools borrowings and returns from the warehouse with RFID technology. It has the capacity to do an accurate and automatic inventory of the contents of the warehouse, an automatic follow up of calibration and maintenance dates, an intelligent user identification and a remote monitoring.

RFID Counter

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