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RFID: fight efficiently against FOD

In harsh environment industries, it is necessary to have a high security that means, the security of people, tools and equipement to prevent any risks of incidents and loss of productivity and quality. Indeed, sometimes tools needed for production or maintenance operations are not available, broken or poorly calibrated, etc. Every year, misplaced or lost tools (FOD) in aircrafts during maintenance or assembly represent 30% of civil incidents and a major critical safety breach.

FOD: an important risk for all the Aeronautical industry


The FOD or “Foreign Object Damage” is the risk of the presence of a foreign body in the Aeronautics and Aerospace sectors. The FOD includes all equipment, tools, materials and other items that may interfere with the proper operation of airplanes or mechanical control. The damage can be minor or major and often costly. Indeed, the repair costs can easily exceed 20% of the original price of the damaged portion.

The “National Aerospace FOD prevention” estimates the cost of FOD for all the Aeronautical and Aerospatial industry at 4 billion dollars a year. An important cost that can be greatly reduced through the use of RFID technology.

Therefore Nexess has implemented Smart RFID Cabinets for managing and tracking tools on production and maintenance lines.

  • NexCap® XS: Smart RFID Cabinet first Smart RFID Cabinet to perform an automatic inventory of your tool inventory. Based on a high performance UHF RFID technology, the Smart Cabinet  NexCap® XS ensures fair and real-time inventory of your tools. It has a storage capacity of 150 tools with RFID, a 5.7 inch touch screen, flexible accommodation and bottom tools.

NexCap XS : Smart RFID cabinet

  •  NexCap® XL: Smart RFID Cabinet is the second generation of Smart RFID Cabinet of the  NexCap® product range allowing an automatic inventory of your tools. Each movement is stamped to fight effectively against the FOD. It has a storage capacity of 400 tools with RFID, 4 x 220V power outlets inside for tools that require charge, interior LED lighting, a 15-inch touch screen and glass surface.

NexCap XL : Smart RFID Cabinet

  • NexCap® X-Draw: Smart RFID Cabinet is a Smart Cabinet with drawers pushing RFID management tools into a new era by providing an accurate and efficient traceability on all tool movements. It has a storage capacity of 200 tools with RFID, drawers weigh capacity of 30kg, modular drawers layout and a 5.7 industrial touch screen.

NexCap X-Draw Smart RFID Cabinet


Smart RFID Cabinet NexCap® XL: the first units out of production

NEXESS announces the delivery of the first units of its new Smart RFID Cabinet NexCap® XL.

A new generation of RFID smart cabinet for tool management

Announced on the RFID Congress 2013 show in Marseille, the RFID cabinet NexCap ® XL is the second generation of RFID cabinet designed and developed by NEXESS to meet the needs of its customers from Energy and Aerospace Industries. This cabinet, with a 2 times bigger volume than the RFID cabinet NexCap ® XS, brings new features:

  • windows for quick viewing of the contents of the cabinet
  • LED interior lighting
  • 4 220V  plugs
  • front USB port
  • hanging tool system, the entire height of the cabinet
  • Visual and audible alerts (green and red LEDs on the front + buzzer)
  • Etc.

Smart RFID Cabinet NexCap® XL


Driven by NexCap® software platform, these new cabinets also feature a new ergonomic HMI (Human Machine Interface) with dedicated features to users and their work:

  • Real-time inventory of the contents of the cabinet
  • Automatic management of Calibration and Maintenance dates
  • List of currentborrowings
  • Tool search
  • Management and Administration of users and tools
  • Etc.

Watch the video of our product