Innovation : new product “RFID Reading Station”

Nexess develop its product line dedicated to tool management by launching a disruptive solution in partnership with Stahlwille.

This innovative and patented solution is based on RFID UHF technology. It is composed of a Reading Station, Stahlwille Tool Trolley 95VA (Powered by Nexess), RFID tools and NexCap® IOT Platform.


Installed in workshop, this solution allows tool trolley inventory before and after work shift to check missing tools.

The inventory system and the intelligence of the solution are deported in the reading station. One reading station is able to scan an unlimited number of trolley.

After a fast and automatic inventory, the user confirm the state of the tools (completeness of the trolley, compliance) on the Reading Station HMI (screen, led).

The inventory report is immediately available on NexCap® IOT Platform and the manager can get a real-time overview of tools.