RFID Products

Our Smart Cabinet and Roller Cabinet

  • RFID Cabinet XL

    XL Cabinet is equipped of UHF RFID Technology allowing an automatic inventory of your material. Available 24/7, this cabinet ensures automatic distribution and real-time monitoring.


  • RFID Roller Cabinet X-Draw

    X-Draw Roller Cabinet uses the same technology as XL Cabinet. Set up in production or maintenance line, this cabinet ensures controlled, fast and automatic distribution.


  • RFID Roller Cabinet X-Draw S

    XD-S RFID roller cabinet is compact model of X-Draw classic cabinet. Smaller and lighter, XD-S cabinet is perfect for a mobile operation on assembly chain line and maintenance hangar.


  • Smart Cabinet XL-Weigh

    Based on precise weight-sensing technology, Smart cabinet XL-Weigh offer manufacturers an efficient way to manage the dispensing and replenishment of consumables (screw, rivet, bolt…)


RFID Counter and portal

    • photo du guichet intelligent RFID

      Smart RFID counter

      The Smart RFID Counter allows the storekeeper to manage and record tools borrowings and returns from the warehouse with RFID technology.


    • photo du portique RFID

      RFID Portal MOD3

      RFID portal Mod3 allows the tracking of materials from warehouse and generates alerts in case of equipment out of service/beyond validity date.


Our Mobile devices

  • RFID Tablet Panasonic FZ-M1

    Panasonic’s FZ-MI tablet, which features an integrated UHF RFID reader allowing to identify materials and report information in the field


  • PDA Workabout Pro 3 RFID UHF

    The PDA Workabout Pro 3 UHF is an extensible and robust flexible mobile reader, specifically designed for logistics, warehousing, transportation, manufacturing, etc.


  • PDA Atid AB700 RFID UHF

    The PDA AB700 UHF reinforces the family of mobile devices, specially designed for Airport Logistic, Construction Field’s checking good, Access Control, etc.