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NexCap® MAT: SCBA Equipment

Short description

NexCap® Mobile Assets Tracking is a complete Mobile Solution for Managing self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) by RFID in the Nuclear Industry.

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NexCap® Mobile Assets Tracking is a complete mobile apps for managing self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) equipement by RFID in industrial environments (oxygen cylinders, mask, harness, demand valve, etc.).

Equipped with RFID UHF EPC Gen 2 passive tags, your self contained breathing apparatus equipments are identified, inventoried and located in real time.

A unique industrial RFID SCBA Equipment Management Solution

Via NexCap® software platform, all information associated with your SCBA equipment (location, condition, quantity, compliance, last check, etc.) is available in real-time and archived automatically.

You have the control and a full traceability of movements and checks of your SCBA equipment ensuring you gains in security and productivity.

Nexcap® ensures traceability of regulatory controls and a real-time inventory of your SCBA equipment  by storage areas.

Unique identification with RFID

Identified by an RFID UHF EPC Gen2 passive tag, each SCBA equipment to control and each location is unique. In case of misidentification or improper location of the equipment, the user is immediately alerted to the Nexcap® mobile apps.

Regulatory Controls

NexCap® improves the effectiveness of regulatory controls. The solution automatically handles dates of controls to be done for each SCBA equipment and alert you in case of exceeding the expiry date of a control.

Automatic Inventory

The solution renders a comprehensive real-time view of the status of the park facilities. The software NexCap® allows to sort the SCBA equipments data according to their category / location / state and get detailed information on their characteristics.


NexCap® allows archiving of checks and ensures traceability of the work done on SCBA equipments contributing to an overall improvement in the quality of the activity. Nexcap ® ensures compliance with safety standards.

“The Apps” Nexcap® Mobile Assets Tracking management of SCBA equipment is:

  • Total Control of the number of regulatory controls done on SCBA equipments
  • A precise Automatic Inventory of the stock
  • Traceability of SCBA Equipments and checks performed
  • Quality Assurance and compliance with safety standard