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NexCap® RFID Software Platform

Short description

The NexCap® RFID Software Platform enables full interoperability of each RFID Infrastructure and Mobile devices and provides a complete set of features to help you monitor, manage and track your equipment remotely. Nexcap® is the RFID middleware for Energy and Aerospace industries.

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NexCap® RFID software platform enables full interoperability of each RFID infrastructure and mobile device of NEXESS range of products. This platform acts like a RFID middleware that provides the interface between the data collected in the field from connected objects, infrastructure / mobile devices and software management company operating data.

Nexcap® RFID software platform includes the following features:

  • Native support of RFID technology: management and communication with readers, etc.
  • Management of connected objects (tags): reading, writing, etc.
  • Data processing: collection, acquisition, data filtering objects connected
  • Business Process Management : software layer adapted to business processes around the connected object
  • Management of interfaces to ERP systems : SOAP, REST , Web services interfaces

Nexcap® RFID platform has been specifically developed to provide a comprehensive set of business software features around traceability, management and geolocation of connected objects for Industry:

Management of connected objects

  • Planning Module: movements, controls, tours, etc.
  • Monitoring deadlines Module: dates checks expiration, maintenance, calibration, etc.
  • Monitoring inventory levels Module
  • Management of Work Order Module
  • Control Management Module

 Inventory management of connected objects

  • Real-Time display Module for objects inventories by location, type, locations, etc.
  • Module for real-time shipping / borrowing / receiving / return objects visualization
  • Etc.

Management of connected objects movements (loggings)

  • Viewing Module for movements loggings by location, objects, etc.
  • Viewing Module for controls loggings by location, objects, etc.
  • Viewing Module for inventory loggings by location, objects, etc.
  • Module for reports generation
  • Etc.

Administration of objects, infrastructure, mobile devices and users

  • Administration Module for objects: creation, modification, properties, etc. .
  • Administration Module for infrastructure / mobile devices : creation, modification, properties , etc.
  • User Administration / profiles Module: creation, modification, properties , etc. .
  • Etc..

Each of these features is programmable and configurable according to the type of object connected.

Accessible from any remote computer with access to the Internet or to the application server and a web browser (Enterprise version), Nexcap® RFID platform provides all information related to the traceability of connected objects to all management levels of the company.

Connected to the information system / Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP , Oracle, etc.), Nexcap® RFID platform provides the link between the field reality and theoretical data business software packages.

 Available in Single-User or Enterprise license on customer information system or SAAS (Software As A Service).