Partenership One-Too

Innovation: Nexess & One-Too automate and monitor torqueing tools.

Nexess is associated with One-Too expert in measuring control to connect VISA with NexCap® web platform. This innovative solution are based on RFID technology by automatize in real time the result of torque controls and register them.

VISA device controls the proper calibration and tools setting (torque wrench, etc…). This device is equipped of UHF RFID Reader able to scan the tools outside Nexess RFID Cabinets and Roller Cabinet. After tool identification, control sequence is automatically launched. User is ensured to control the right tool with the right sequence.

partenership one-too VISA One-Too Device        Nexess RFID Cabinet

Moreover, each tool control is automatically registered and transmitted to NexCap® web platform. The condition of the equipment is automatically updated on the web and on cabinets.

visuel alertsVisual alerts

The process of this innovative solution is the following :

fonctionnement de la solution ANGThis partnership contributes to:

  • Improve controls quality : automatic tool identification and VISA control sequence
  • Improve security : Traceability and history of torqueing tool
  • Increase productivity by improve tool availability

Nexess – One Too – management of torqueing tools