Nexess Wins “RFID Awards 2013” for Best deployement of RFID / NFC in industry

Nexess Wins “RFID Awards 2013” of the best deployement of an RFID / NFC solution in the industry thanks to NexCap® Mobile Assets Tracking (MAT) solution applied to the management of spare parts of the Combustion Turbines Operating Center (CETAC).

Since April 2013, Brennelis and Champagne sur Oise CETAC sites use daily NexCap® RFID Mobile Assets Tracking solution, developped by Nexess, to manage and locate fastly its spare parts.

RFID Awards 2013

Sophia-Antipolis – November 7th, 2013 –  CETAC, a subsidiary of EDF, has thirteen combustion turbines spread over six production sites in France. Flexible and responsive, able to start in 30 minutes, combustion turbines operate hundred hours per year to satisfy peaks of electricity consumption, thus contributing to the security of electricity supply of the French territory. System availability requires real-time visibility to can have fastly the spare parts at the right place, at the right moment.

Improvement of the visibility and availability of stocks to gain of time and efficiency

CETAC called on Nexess, RFID expert in industrial environments, to develop and install RFID solution for the stock tracking and management of spare parts and tools. “Ensuring traceability of stocks movements made and facilitating inventories, NexCap® MAT solution used by CETAC radically reduces the steps of manual update and the real-time monitoring of flows, says Eric Tra-Bi, CETAC stock manager. The location and the knowledge of spare parts availability is instantaneous, ensuring CETAC’s reactivity without a hitch in case of failure or maintenance.”

NexCap® MAT, THE RFID mobile solution for the traceability of critical equipment

Nexess provided to CETAC the NexCap® MAT solution made up of UHF RFID tags Omni-ID, mobile readers Workabout Pro3 and NexCap® Software Platform developed by Nexess. This solution allowed to equip each CETAC’s part, tool or equipment with passive UHF RFID tags to identify them uniquely. Simple to use, NexCap® Software Platform allows storekeepers to easily trace equipments movements trhough a friendly interface on the PDA : receiving, sending, borrowings, etc. All traceability data, inventories and historical movements are remotely available through NexCap® Web application.

Adoption of the solution for a national rollout

Satisfied with gains provide from the solution, CETAC plan on doing, in 2014, the national rollout of the solution for the creation of a single database for tracking its six national sites of production. “Eventually, more than 70 000 articles and as much as RFID tags will be managed and monitored in real-time via the NexCap® MAT solution”, says Claude Veau, CETAC technical director. Finally, a connection of the NexCap® Software Plateform to the SAP business software used by CETAC will finalize the deployment.