Management of Spare Parts with RFID : Case Study EDF CETAC

In 2013, EDF CETAC launches a project for the setting up of a spare parts management solution by RFID to facilitate the inventory, improve the geolocation and optimize their stocks.


Improve Installations Availability thanks to RFID Technology

The main objective of this project is to ensure and improve the availability rate of CETAC power station. To answer these needs, Nexess has deployed on CETAC sites the RFID application NexCap® Mobile Assets Tracking for the management of Spare Parts.

Seeking for a traceability solution using RFID technology, CETAC wants to guarantee and ensure the exact location of each spare part, at any time, to not impact the availability rate of the power station in case of unplanned maintenance.

CETAC chose NexCap® Mobile Assets Tracking solution by Nexess, to carry out the monitoring of its spare parts with RFID. Nexess has an extensive experience of the traceability of sensitive material with RFID in many industries : Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, etc.

Getting to business functions on the mobile readers, NexCap® Software Platform allows storekeepers to easily trace every spare parts movements through a friendly interface : receiving (going in stock), sending (to a company or a distant CETAC’s warehouse), borrowings, returns, etc.

Thanks to the RFID reader embedded in the PDA, storekeepers can quickly identify remotely and without vis-à-vis, all data related to a spare part stored in a shelf, for example : manufacturer, part number, date of manufacture, date of revision, last movement, etc. They can also perform specific research of spare parts or tools and locate them in an instant : storage location, quantity available, etc.

All traceability data, real-time inventories and movements loggings are remotely available through NexCap® Web application.

This application allows the administration of materials to trace users and “business” profiles (operator, storekeeper, administrator, etc.). The architecture of NexCap® allows the connection to SAP software, already deployed at EDF CETAC to manage supply flows (purchases, receipt) and accounting flows.

This connection allows to integrate existing material databases from SAP® toward NexCap® and adds a real-time traceability part to the platform thanks to the RFID technology. The accounting inventory and the real inventory from the field are now on the same level.

An innovative solution rewarded by an RFID Awards 2013

During the RFID Congress 2013, NexCap® Mobile Assets Tracking solution has been rewarded by an “RFID Awards” for the best deployment of an RFID / NFC solution in the Industry thanks to the application of spare parts tracking. (See Article)

This solution is also the subject of an article in RFID Journal via this link : Management of spare parts by RFID, RFID Journal Article.

Omni-ID speaks about us : Omni-ID and Nexess provide RFID solution to French turbine company CETAC – Press release of 19/09/2013

Download the case study : Case Study EDF CETAC