Industry 4.0 : Our vision of Smart manufacturing


The 4th industrial revolution is coming! The first industrial revolution was the mechanization of production using water and steam power. The second industrial revolution then introduced mass production with the help of electric power, followed by the digital revolution and the use of electronics and IT.

In the future, businesses will establish global networks that incorporate their machinery, warehousing systems and production facilities in the shape of Cyber- Physical Systems (CPS). In the manufacturing environment, these Cyber-Physical Systems comprise smart machines, storage systems and production facilities capable of autonomously exchanging information, triggering actions and controlling each other independently.

By connecting the objects, materials and equipment of the factory with RFID technology through passive, semi-passive or active RFID tags qualified for industrial environments, NEXESS brings through its solutions, a real-time process visibility to all levels of the company to improve productivity, quality and safety.




The Internet of Things (IoT) for the Industry connects material and physical facilities of the plant via a wireless transponder (RFID), integrated or attached to these objects. The field reality consequently brings reliable, comprehensive and automated data to the information system, whatever the stage of the process. Connected objects also provide a cross- visibility at different levels of management of the company.

Connected objects for Industry bring new value to industrial by logging in:


Connected Objects for Industry provide a level of visibility and information never before achieved in Manufacturing operations, Assembly, Maintenance and Supply Chain. Sharing all this information via the Internet, connected objects allow access to the right information from any mobile device at anytime and anywhere to different level of management of the company, suppliers, maintenance companies and even to distribution channels.

Business Processes

Connected objects for Industry can create a link and continuity between the different processes of the company from Logistics to Maintenance interventions through Production. For example, EDF CETAC has placed UHF RFID tags on each of its spare parts that allow knowing their availability and real-time location (Logistics) from wireless mobile terminals (PDA) in case of Maintenance intervention. This link between the processes allows the company to save tens of thousands Euros.


Connected objects for Industry promote the deployment of industrial connected mobile devices (PDAs, Smartphones, Tablets) to interact with it. These connected mobile devices collect and generate contextual data associated with objects which are then processed by software platform hosted in the information system of the Company (or in a SAAS or cloud version) in order to broaden access to data.