• Anticipate and automate checks on metrology equipment in order to reduce quality gaps
  • Ensure tool tracking in order to reduce search times
  • Simplify and digitalize logistics processes


A single solution to respond to all three use cases by digitalizing monitoring and calibration, and automating inventories:

  • Installation of smart RFID XL Cabinets and XD/XDS Roller Cabinets to secure and track all movements of tools and metrology equipment (Who, What, When, Where)
  • Deployment of RFID Counters to monitor store entries and exits
  • NEXCAP® Mobile Asset Tracking solutions for logistics
  • Over 30,000 items of equipment digitized and contextualized, according to use cases (tools, metrology, logistics) in a single NEXCAP® database
  • Regular software development since 2013 in response to specific customer use cases
  • NEXCAP®IOT, for collecting, processing, and highlighting data
  • Software interface between NEXCAP®IOT and Gosweb software


  • +40% additional productivity
  • -10% inventory costs.

“The group has placed its trust in NEXESS for innovative projects, in particular for improving and securing operational processes, since 2013.”

– Director of Innovative Technologies