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RFID Software Platform

NEXESS has designed and developed an RFID Nexcap software platform to monitor, view, store and manage all information and traceability data of movements of connected objects (data compliant with EPCIS standard). Accessible from any Web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome), the Nexcap platform offers a complete set of features, real inventory management objects connected through planning time moving objects.

Installed locally on a station, on a server or SAAS, the Nexcap platform enables full interoperability of each RFID infrastructure and connected mobile device (RFID middleware ).

It also allows connection with existing software such as ERP (SAP , Oracle, etc. . ) Or CMMS / CAM interface through Web Services.

Nexcap RFID software platform is available as a perpetual license or monthly subscription.

Our RFID Software Platform

  • NexCap® RFID Software Platform

    The NexCap® RFID Software Platform enables full interoperability of each RFID Infrastructure and Mobile devices and provides a complete set of features to help you monitor, manage and track your equipment remotely. Nexcap® is the RFID middleware for Energy and Aerospace industries.