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Mobile devices & apps

NEXESS offers its Apps library on industrial mobile devices complying with the constraints of Energy and Aerospace sectors. Connected by Wifi, Ethernet or 4G, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) and touch pads offered by NEXESS were qualified on Usability, Robusteste, RFID Performance and Mobility aspects.

Our Mobile devices & apps

  • NexCap® MAT Apps

    NexCap® MAT (Mobile Assets Tracking) is a mobile solutions developed by Nexess dedicated to material management and monitoring thanks to RFID technology. This application ensures a complete tracking and a reliable inventory of material and assets.

  • PDA Workabout Pro 3 RFID UHF

    The PDA Workabout Pro 3 UHF is an extensible and robust flexible mobile reader, specifically designed for logistics, warehousing, transportation, manufacturing, etc.

  • PDA Atid AB700 RFID UHF

    The PDA AB700 UHF reinforces the family of mobile devices, specially designed for Airport Logistic, Construction Field’s checking good, Access Control, etc.