About Nexess


Photo des locaux de Nexess à Sophia-Antipolis

Founded in 2008, Nexess and its R&D laboratory are located in Sophia-Antipolis in the heart of the French Riviera. Nexess provides solution for traceability and identification by RFID (radio frequency identification) Technology in the areas of Energy, Oil & Gas and Aerospace Industries.

With more than 200 IOT solutions deployed in the industry, we owned knowledge of our customers’ business and particularly about the management of connected products and their specificities (periodic inspections, regulations of monitoring and traceability, etc.), we implement IOT solutions for Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Maintenance and Operations, responding to issues and challenges of industrial worried to increase their performance in terms of productivity, quality and security.

By connecting industries to the Internet of Things, our company brings the industry in the “Smart Manufacturing” era, providing a total real-time visibility of logistics, production and maintenance processes by connecting the physical environment plant through IOT technologies.

Nexess historical


  • 20 years’ experience in Energy Industry
  • More than 200 solutions deployed on 80 site
  • Integration of RFID Chip: Over 200,000 RFID chips integreted into tools and materials
  • Native integration: over 4,000 RFID Chips integrated natively by manufacturer of tools
  • Control over restricted environment
  • PCR (Competent Person in Radiation Protection) and DTR (Directly assigned to wrok under ionizing radiation) qualified staff.


A range of product designed fo industrial businesses

  • Smart RFID cabinet
  • Smart counter
  • Mobile devices (PDAs and Tablets)

Performant and unical resources

  • Collaboration with a specific laboratory expert in radios frequencies
  • RFID performance test bench

Ten years of industrials feedbacks

  • Choice of RFID Chip, criteria of RFID performance, ergonomically design, restricted environment


project management